Neo Rabbit God

In April 2017, I created “Neo Rabbit God”, under the cooperation with Beijing Dashilan Design Community. “Neo Rabbit God” is a series of printing products design, it’s character was inspired from the traditional Beijing rabbit god, a sacred god that can bring children happiness. I summarized the core characteristics of rabbit god. I simplified its outline and made it changeable according to different occupations. I want to change the traditional stereotype of rabbit god and diversify its identity, so that it can resonate with the youth. I designed 12 types of rabbit god representing different modern occupations. At the same time, I cooperated with Beijing Dashilan Design Community to commercialize Neo Rabbit God.

The creation of “Neo Rabbit God” began with my course at the school. The theme that my teacher gave was “Gift from tradition”. We needed to find traditional elements from the Dashilan community to design and create something that can bring positive social effects. Through the communication with local craftsmen, I learned about the previous stories about the rabbit god, such as the legend of the rabbit god. In legend story, the cloth of rabbit god is always changing because rabbit god needs to disguise himself to avoid attracting attention, so that he can do good in secret. In most situation, the traditional rabbit god is portrayed as general for representing the expectations of the bright future of children.


Gift Paper

Notebook Cover

Exhibition in Beijing Design Week 2017

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