Pac-Man Tennis
Package, Branding

Pac-man Tennis is a series of package design during the package design workshop in 2017. Based on the investigation of tennis freshmen in school team, we designed this series of package for the tennis freshmen. We created a gorilla to build the branding. We hope this gorilla can help to dispel the high threshold for freshmen in school. At the same time, we improved the structure of tennis package, so that people can rapidly pick up tennis and improve training efficiency.

Before design, we made a survey for freshmen in tennis, asking them about their opinion about package of tennis equipment on sale, and what problems they have met when practicing tennis. Most of the students maintained a neutral attitude about tennis package at present. Some of them believed that tennis packaging did not attract them. for students, tennis package design at present are less-passional. And students reflected that during tennis training, they are usually tired of picking up large number of tennis balls because they need to bow many times. The whole process is also inefficient.


structure in A4 paper

To solve the problems above, we designed a package series for tennis freshmen. We designed a new tennis box packable for 50 tennis balls. We made a hole under the box that can receive tennis balls by using the elasticity of corrugated cardboard, so that after tennis ball come in the box it will not leak out.


Suit Package

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